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Book the best nature tours with Costa Rica Unique. Awarded with the certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor every single year... and still running.  

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Imagine swimming in a beautiful natural waterfall in the middle of a tropical forest. Help exotic animal conservation while visiting a rescue center to observe, jaguars, pumas, toucans, parrots, monkeys and more!.... Explore a tropical rainforest where our professional guide will teach you the secrets of the jungle, as we traverse the treetops from 2 incredible hanging bridges that provide amazing vistas of the jungle. Interact with over 10 different species of frogs including the incredible Red-Eyed Tree Frog and the tiny Poison Dart Frog. Seize the opportunity to experience sloths in their natural habitat while exploring a gorgeous botanical garden.

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This safari along the banks of the majestic Tempisque River and through Palo Verde National Park will give you the option to see exotic birds, incredible crocodiles, iguanas and lizards, wild monkeys and much more. Indulge in a fantastic, authentic typical Costa Rican lunch. An added extra, exclusive to Costa Rica Unique, enjoy a mini coffee tour and tasting, and learn about indigenous Chorotegan culture and the amazing pottery techniques. Bring home your own Costa Rican pottery!

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Las Hornillas walkable live crater at the phenomenal Miravalles Volcano in Fortuna of Bagaces, Guanacaste is an experience your sure to remember!. A unique worldly treasure: this live geologic spa and oasis of bubbling water pools, bubbling mud pools, fumaroles and natural mud of different colors provides an incredible one-of-a-kind experience like no other.

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Walk through this dense Costa Rican Tropical Rain Forest, seeing this sky-blue river flowing, is an undeniably incredible experience that you shouldn't miss.

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Learn more about Costa Rica. Drive along a road around the country's largest lake. Then take a hike through the Tropical Rain Forest at the base of the impressive Arenal Volcano. Finally Swim and Relax in the famous Arenal Hot Springs.

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Exclusive. Only our company offers the opportunity to visit the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest with the chance to make 3 different packages: You may choose Between: hike over the Hanging Bridges of Monteverde Cloud Forest, Canopy Zip Line the most famous and longest cables in the world, watch hundreds of hummingbirds flying around you, the biggest butterfly Garden of Central America or a Herpentarium with reptiles and amphibious from the Jungles of Costa Rica…and of course the chance to take a Coffee and Chocolate tour in a real farm. Come and choose the package who works better for you in Monteverde.

Starting at: $125

We go to the area of the Tenorio Volcano...

Immerse yourself in the amazing splendor of our beautiful country as you float tranquilly through the World Famous Costa Rican Rainforest.